Manu S. (@s_manu6314) writes today’s diary entry—

We are now living with a virus. It is sad and fearful but we have to accept that. The lockdown is probably no fully successful, our economy is falling and daily wage labourers are struggling to get food for their family.

Construction activities have been shut down so wage earners are unable to find any work. The government is helping farmers under its Kisan scheme, depositing ₹2,000 in everyone’s account. That is nice, but what about the migrants who are over a million in number? Is the government trying other ways taking this period seriously?

Every village and every area in our cities has healthcare centres, yet every home and every individual has not been tested. Testing is reserved for hotspot areas. But we must test more and clear hotspots one by one; that is how we should fight this virus.

Just yesterday, the Indian government purchased 500,000 testing kits, after almost four months of the pandemic. If they continue to lock the country down like this, we will likely all face poverty. Testing needs to be stepped up to prevent the weakening of our society. It is sad how slowly the government is taking its decisions. It is really showing: how interested they were when it came to acting upon Article 370 and CAA/NRC. In my opinion they are not showing even 10% of that interest in fighting this virus.

This pandemic is really serious. It will affect the government and the people hard in the coming days. They may stand still and hope it goes away, but it will not.

The opinions expressed in this entry are the author’s alone.