From Vaishnavi M. Kulkarni.—

My Rhythms are off. Sometimes I am thinking random things like how can silence and chaos be together. Other times I am YouTubing three ingredients recipes and watching videos about dogs and unicorns. I hate uncertainty this is the test of my patience. My guitar is out so are my books. But I stayed glued to The Good Place on Netflix. I realise that I need to strike balance with how much I am consuming and creating in this time of apprehension. I don’t even know when I will get a call from hospital to attend to my duties as a psychologist.

Today I enrolled for a course on WHO site about Operational Planning Guidelines to support country preparedness and response. It is actually for UNCTs and other similar stakeholders. I enrolled anyway, since it’s free and I can get some information about how my country needs to be prepared to combat COVID-19 and everything it has brought on us.