Manu S. (@s_manu6314) writes today’s diary entry—

After three days I went out today to buy some vegetables. It is legal to go out for this purpose right now. I chose the evening because evenings are safer because of the police.

On the road there were countable people and bikes. First I headed to the fuel station and waited in line behind three others. The fuel station attendant asked me to wear a mask. I didn’t have one. He insisted that I wear one next time. He kept his distance from me, about three feet. Everyone looked at everyone else suspiciously while talking, even while stand next to one another and especially if they touched someone even by mistake.

I was wondering why the guy was making such a big deal about the mask because we were told to wear it only if we thought we had caught the virus. But maybe he didn’t know whether I caught it or not, and for his safety he was insistent.

Next I headed to the vegetable shop. There were some two people there too and there were boxes drawn three feet apart, so I stood inside one of the boxes. There too I was faced with suspicion. Then I realised society won’t be same ever again after this pandemic.

Even with the lockdown, infected cases will increase everyday until they find a vaccine. A lockdown alone is not going to work; people have to come out at least to buy supplies. The virus is spreading, attacking us one after another, secretively, every minute. Also, the serious decision of the government to lock down all non-essentials, and people, their education, travels, jobs etc., shows us nothing is more important than life itself.

Also, we cannot act much against nature’s decisions. We have to follow it whether we like it or not. Its decisions are unknown. This pandemic has showed us that nobody in the world can say what will happen next.