Star Trek: Picard

A wonderful sci-fi series even if not the best of Star Trek. Hope lies ahead.

Dispatch from Rhûn

After 100 issues of ‘Briefings’ it is time for newer, better things: an all-new newsletter powered by Buttondown.


How a quarantine activity evolved into a newfound love for the tiny genre of photography and art.

The future of our world—II

A key beneficiary of the SARS-Cov-2 virus has been our natural environment. How significant is this positive impact, though? And have we learnt enough to ensure that things do not go bad again once we make it past this crisis?

A call for sanity

As our world burns, humans are busy playing the fiddle. It is time we stopped for good.

The art of meditation

A quick guide to the simple habit we all can make use of in these times.

The future of our world—I

The SARS-Cov-2 virus brought our civilisation to its knees. But our downfall started long before this pandemic, and its effects will be felt in all walks of life for quite some time after.


The french film captures entire lives drawing a fine balance between drama and storytelling, never once going overboard. Spoilers are aplenty.

COVID-19 and the bright side of humanity’s capacity for survival

There seems to be barely any good news these days with COVID-19 spreading around the world, but looking at things from a broader perspective may be just the easing we need.

The trouble with FIRE

Half the idea is sound and the other half feels like a misplaced priority.

Attention Management

For productivity and a meaningful life, stop trying to manage your time and start managing your attention.

Star Trek: Discovery is an operatic nod to TOS and TNG

Revivals of Star Trek are the best things happening to television today, and the one that led the new generation, Discovery, got whatever it got right by drawing on its predecessors.

U and non-U english in the 21st century

Examining the landmark articles by Alan Ross and Nancy Mitford to examine the state of U and non-U english on the world stage in the 21st century

It is time to bring back the wax seal

Despite being surrounded by modern communication, the slow, arguably impractical, process of writing a letter is a great draw for me.

The subtle art of not giving a book

Examining my lifelong reluctance to lend, let alone give, a book to another soul.

On the by-election in Karnataka

Thoughts on how the upcoming by-election in Karnataka is a combination of passive voters, horse-trading without consequences and leaders looking to save their positions within their own parties.

The Indian Express