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Conscious eco-capitalism

Finding the the intersection between conscious capitalism, green capital and practicality.

Against some animal sports

Local animal sports abound the world over but are hardly the cultural standard-bearers they claim to be.

Lessons in familiarity

Three things that can forever enrich our lives, even far beyond our comfort zone.

Euro 2020—the fantastic way

Delayed by a year, the quadrennial showcase of the finest of European football was every bit as phenomenal as expected—and it came with a fantasy team too.

Mastering Focus on iOS 15

With iOS 15 comes the most powerful tool yet to regain control of your space and time. Here is a head start on Focus.

Birthday resolutions

Could moving resolutions from the New Year to a more personal date make them more effective?

Hunting down the real Aspasia

One of the most intriguing characters in ‘Assassins Creed: Odyssey’ happens to be just as intriguing in real life.

The case against nihilism

Every generation believes that their own times are harder than any in the past and that inaction is the best path forward.

Leaving home

Reflecting on leaving behind a place we called home for over a decade.

Battling COVID-19

At the start of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic first threw the world off balance, little did I know that in about ten months I would be fighting the disease myself.

Jeep Compass

Experiencing the charm of the Jeep Life.

Star Trek: Picard

A wonderful sci-fi series even if not the best of Star Trek. Hope lies ahead.

Dispatch from Rhûn

After 100 issues of ‘Briefings’ it is time for newer, better things: an all-new newsletter powered by Buttondown.


How a quarantine activity evolved into a newfound love for the tiny genre of photography and art.