On the by-election in Karnataka

Thoughts on how the upcoming by-election in Karnataka is a combination of passive voters, horse-trading without consequences and leaders looking to save their positions within their own parties.

The Indian Express

Tame your tech

Some thoughts on how we can tame our gadgets and the technology we use everyday to enrich our lives.

The iPad-only experiment, redux

With iOS 13 iPad truly becomes a standalone device for everything but the most resource-intensive jobs. As far as mundane everyday tasks are concerned, for most people, laptops are dead.

Random approaches to better living

Knowing what is enough, working on traction, and developing the beginner mindset can enrich our life.

Dispatch From Kozhikode

This coastal town in Kerala, India, is too shy to betray any signs of its rich history or the important role it once played in world trade.

On dynastic politics in India

On why the focus on dynastic politics in India is futile and where else we are better off focusing. (NB Headline was edited by the paper.)

The Indian Express

On the smoke monster and other elements of ‘Lost’

The brilliant television series ‘Lost’ blends the supernatural with sci-fi in a believable, open, moving and satisfying manner. Nota bene this essay contains spoilers.

It is time Google turned off AMP

Under the guise of ‘aiming to make the web better for all’ Google is ferociously pushing its pet project AMP to internet users everywhere while taking control away from both publishers and consumers.

Karnataka crisis: This sham must stop

On horse-trading in the Karnataka state legislative assembly and the state of politics in Karnataka today.

Deccan Herald

Apple Watch Series 4

At last, a smartwatch that would make me look beyond a mechanical timepiece—except for occasions.

Lessons from building my first app ever

There are some subtle lessons one can learn only after having built a real world app.

Secrets of staying motivated

A bunch of practical ways to stay motivated, plus things that do not work. Fair warning: there is no magic potion in this essay.

The GitHub experience

On why I moved from Kirby and chose to build a static site with Hugo

A guide to living in the present

Examining what really works when it comes to living fully and blissfully in the present moment.

In random conversations with farmers

A drive out to the Indian countryside leads to some interesting conversations with farmers.


Goodbye, my old buddy.