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In random conversations with farmers

A drive through the coun­tryside in South India provides opp­por­tun­it­ies to strike up con­ver­sa­tions with sev­er­al farm­ers and offers some food for thought.

Roughly Kathmandu

A pho­toes­say detail­ing three days in Kath­mandu: the sights, the thoughts, and the rich art­work.

‘Fell down the social hole’, by Jerónimo De Léon.

When our virtual selves take us over

One need hardly be a cru­sader against mod­ern tech­no­logy to real­ise that, like any tool, it has its good side and its bad. The trouble is that far too few of us are ready to acknow­ledge and come to terms with this fact.

Improving and expanding Dogme Teaching

On how the ideas of the dogme meth­od of teach­ing a lan­guage can be applied to teach­ing any sub­ject, and how we can use tech­no­logy with thought and bal­ance.