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Secrets of staying motivated

A bunch of practical ways to stay motivated, plus things that do not work. Fair warning: there is no magic potion in this essay.

The GitHub experience

On why I moved from Kirby and chose to build a static site with Hugo



Goodbye, my old buddy.

What happens when our virtual selves take us over

One need hardly be a crusader against modern technology to realise that, like any tool, it has its good side and its bad. The trouble is that far too few of us are ready to acknowledge and come to terms with this fact.

Improving and expanding Dogme Teaching

A manifesto implementing the Dogme method to teaching, drawing inspiration from filmmaking and academia alike.

The layman’s perspective

Passing thoughts on why academics should work more on communicating with the layperson and how this can help more than hinder them.

Vergangenheitsbewältigung is the need of the hour

As we inch dangerously close to a third world war it would help to look back to history for some lessons on how to correct our course.