Ulysses theme

c. 2018

Back when I was using Ulysses (I bid goodbye when they moved to a subscription-based model) there was this specific theme I had designed for myself that took inspiration from a typewriter but tweaked things to adapt to a modern, digital screen. I eventually submitted it to the official Ulysses Styles & Themes collection where it was accepted and has since received a modest amount of love and installs. Take a look for yourself.

Wedding website

Visit our permanently archived wedding website
December 2018

The lovely Vaishnavi M. Kulkarni and I got married in December of 2018. This was our wedding website and since I coded it I gifted myself the right to unabashedly use my favourite typeface of all time, Minion, almost everywhere. (The wife approved.) While this website is not of public interest, it is certainly in my personal interest to archive the link here for posterity.

The currently live version has been edited so everything is in the past tense and our wedding day counter has been removed. However, there is a frozen version of the site that still looks exactly as it did before the wedding except with the countdown timer reading zero for obvious reasons.


The Sweet Setup
September 2016

In 2016, a couple of years after I had fully settled into the Apple ecosystem, I was interviewed by The Sweet Setup about my iPhone, iPad and Mac set-ups, choice of apps, and about other technology- and workspace-related questions. Although not an accurate representation of the current state of things, my fundamental approach to technology has remained somewhat consistent since this interview to this day. The full interview is available on The Sweet Setup.

Political compass

Apparently I stand just left of centre and am a liberal
c. 2016 onwards

In 2016 I first sat the political compass test. Before then I had thought of myself as a socially modern liberal but fiscally conservative person. After the test I was told I was staunchly in the middle of the third quadrant of the political compass. I expected to be further left and closer to the x-axis but the test refused to oblige. I sat the test a few more times over the next few years and the result remained the same. The last time I sat this test was in December of 2019. You can see the latest graph which is quite representative of its predecessors. I am unsure about the accuracy of this test (although I have seen many people believe it is reasonably accurate, even academically) but it certainly is a fun activity to partake in.

Editing with curves

Photo editing guide for the Enlight app
April 2015

Back in 2015 when Enlight was just entering the mobile photo editing game where it is now quite a big player, I was invited to write an article that would guide users on editing their photos. I had chosen to speak about using curves effectively. Read the article on the Enlight website.

Blog archives

An archival of select blog articles

From 2011 to 2017 this website was powered by Wordpress. In 2017, to mark its ten year anniversary, there took place what I like to call the great purge: I removed over 500 essays permanently from the database to allow for a leaner collection of articles with an increased baseline quality for the entire archival. Since 2017 this website has eschewed databases and moved to Hugo (after a brief stint with Kirby) for a more modern framework on which to run the site; and articles made since that time, including a handful from the 2011–2017 years, can be found on this website. You are welcome to browse the archives anytime.