This is a static website which means it does not use databases or server-side programming on the fly. The files that run this website are generated before hand and simply delivered to you on demand. As a result of this secure set-up, no data collected from you is ever directly or indirectly used on or by this website. However, this website does interact with other services and below is a full description of data used by these services. Remember that there is nothing this website can do about data used by these third-party services as their use of data is governed by their own terms of service and privacy policies. We also use localStorage as outlined under ‘Cookies’ below.


Cookies are tiny files that websites store on users’ computers to offer an experience tailored to individual users. Cookies, like their friendly name suggests, are pretty harmless. You can read more about cookies on the famous site anytime. For now, let us proceed. On this website we use localStorage to save user preferences. These are a more modern alternative for cookies and we use them because they are a bit safer as they do not talk across http and https—of which this website uses the latter, more secure version—and they are not modified on the server side but rather exist solely on your machine.

The specific reason we use localStorage on this website is to save your theme preferences. This qualifies as a functional cookie i.e. one used to improve this website’s functionality according to your likes and dislikes. If you have system-wide dark mode enabled, especially on Macs, we do not use these at all to save your theme preferences. If you do not have a system-wide scheme or if you use the system-wide light mode, you might see a theme toggle switch on the top right corner of this website (on desktops) or at the bottom of the menu (on mobile devices). Clicking that switch will toggle this website between its light and dark modes as per your preference. The next time you return to this website, or as you move from page to page on this website, we remember your choice and deliver pages looking like you prefer them, thereby giving you a seamless user experience and for this we use localStorage in which we save your preferences.

In the future, we may expand this from light and dark themes to font size and other similar design choice and save your preferences similarly there too. You can delete or reset these preferences by clearing your browser cache for this website. This process varies by browser but you should generally find this capability under your browser preferences or settings—or just Google it.

Third-party services

We use Google Analytics to monitor the popularity and readership of this website. These are important metrics to track despite the non-commercial nature of this website if only due to curiosity. It also helps ensure that the website is generally accessible to people, that it is usable on mobile devices, and that there are no glaring code errors that make it hard to crawl through.

We use tracking cookie i.e. a cookie that helps track user behaviour on the site. These type of cookie is used by nearly every website you visit and, on this website at least, are not of concern for several reasons as mentioned below.

We may embed tweets for which Twitter will serve some of its own javascript. We do our best to ensure that in most cases a tweet and its embedded page on this site are not used for purposes that include personalised suggestions and personalised ads from Twitter. Likewise we do our best to ensure that in most cases YouTube does not store your information on this website for their own analytics and personalised ads unless you play a YouTube video embedded on this site. Unfortunately, YouTube gives neither us nor you enough control in that there is no way to watch a YouTube video if we decline consent to such personalised ads and analytics.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, your e-mail will be processed through, and saved in, the Mailchimp newsletter management suite. This is safe and secure and private (for example, Mailchimp does not use your e-mail to market to you). Every e-mail you receive after subscribing on this website will carry an unsubscribe link that will let you stop subscription and delete your e-mail from the mailing list in a couple of clicks. Although you are free to update your profile, you need not provide any personal information to subscribe to our newsletter besides the e-mail address where you would like to receive our newsletter.

In summary, in a majority of cases this website—

  • ensures that Google Analytics anonymises your IP address
  • respects your ‘Do not track’ preferences
  • enforces the use of sessionStorage or localStorage instead of Cookies where possible
  • ensures YouTube runs in privacy enhanced mode where possible
  • makes sincere attempts to ensure no privacy-invading features are used as far as possible

Not all the summarised points apply to all third-party services (e.g. tracking does not apply to Twitter or Vimeo, just to Google Analytics) but, clever as you are, you probably figured that out yourself.

Enjoy this website and have a lovely day. (Return to the journal?)