We may embed tweets for which Twitter will serve some of its own javascript. Or we may embed a Youtube or Vimeo video in which case those companies will serve their scripts.

We do our best to ensure that in most cases a tweet and its embedded page on this site are not used for purposes that include personalised suggestions and personalised ads from Twitter. Likewise we do our best to ensure that in most cases YouTube does not store your information on this website for their own analytics and personalised ads unless you play a YouTube video embedded on this site. Unfortunately, YouTube gives neither us nor you enough control in that there is no way to watch a YouTube video if we decline consent to such personalised ads and analytics.

Along the same lines—although much more leniently—Vimeo, Apple (Music) and others have their own terms of use as does any other service platform whose content may be displayed from time to time as necessary on this website. Please consult these third-party services to better understand how they use data as this is not under the control of this website.