Notes from academic lectures, and select presentations and handbooks, all from classes previously taught.

The lecture notes on this page (see below) cover all or parts of classes I taught where these notes were either handed out to students as supplementary reading material or simply made for my own convenience when teaching a paper. They have, however, been edited to add ample exposition since the original talk notes were largely just equations after equations. Some may be updated/improved over time while others may only be a first draft; the latest versions of these notes will be available on this page for anyone interested in using them for either reference or learning.

You may notice that older notes have been laid out differently. Newer ones use my LaTeX lecture class and have a more consistent tone. The lecture class is available for free on Github if you wish to use it yourself; if you wish to help develop it, please feel free to fork it or just send me an e-mail with your suggestions. (Read more further down this page.)

2020 Update. A new Github repo has been opened, with several of these notes and their source files, where you can contribute directly by making changes and quickly submitting a pull request.

Postgraduate physics courses in relativistic electrodynamics and introductory group theory.


Analytical mechanics

Unless otherwise stated these notes were all written based on lectures delivered to postgraduate classes. Italics indicate pdf slides. Not all these cover an entire course or paper; most cover select parts of a larger course. As a result of this they are arranged by topic and it is left to the reader to organise them into fields by convenience and/or necessity.

Thoughts, criticisms and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail anytime. Thorough spellchecking has not been performed on some of these notes so if you spot minor errors too (and have the time and inclination) please let me know.

Have a nice day.