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In support of the e-mail newsletter

We live in a world of information chaos, where we are spoilt for choice and bombarded with information we never thought we needed. In the end we come off believing we have learnt something new while all there ever was was the illusion of knowledge. In this environment, the humble e-mail newsletter promises to be a beacon of privacy, personal communication, value for an individual’s time, and a worthwhile—albeint one-way—medium for information exchange.

There are primarily three reasons why e-mail newsletters are here to stay:

  1. You are in control. While social media is all about shoving things in your face in the hope that you might like some of them, e-mail newsletters make sure you, the reader, are in control. You can read a newsletter anytime you receive it, and taking it forwards is in your hands entirely.
  2. E-mails are personal. We associate e-mails with personal communication and official communication alike, but when an individual—as opposed to a faceless corporation—from outside your workplace sends you an e-mail newsletter, it is always personal. Someone wrote that for you and for others like you, someone curated it, someone thought you would like it, and someone sent it to you.
  3. Newsletters promise and deliver value. While social media is almost always a hit-or-miss situation, newsletters, due to the rigorous planning that goes on behind the scenes, are not. Newsletters are designed from the ground up to provide you that value which you sought originally. That is the only reason they exist: to provide you the value they originally promised, which made you want to subscribe to them.

These are just three reasons why I strongly believe e-mail newsletters are the best means of communication despite being somewhat old school—at least in technology years.

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