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The trouble with FIRE

Half the idea is sound and the other half feels like a misplaced priority.

Attention Management

For productivity and a meaningful life, stop trying to manage your time and start managing your attention.

Outspoken: Why women’s voices get silenced and how to set them free

Veronica Rueckert

Atomic Habits

James Clear


Nir Eyal

Random approaches to better living

Knowing what is enough, working on traction, and developing the beginner mindset can enrich our life.

Secrets of staying motivated

A bunch of practical ways to stay motivated, plus things that do not work. Fair warning: there is no magic potion in this essay.

Die empty

Todd Henry

Hamlet’s blackberry: Building a good life in the digital age

William Powers

Quiet reflections on unplugging from society

A seaside getaway with no cellular network teaches one what it means to live life to the fullest.