got married on

30 th December, 2018


at 12.30 pm at

Sri Krishna Kalyāna mantapa *
Sri Krishna Vadirāja matha, opposite PDJ high school
Bagalkot road, Vijayapura.

* Below is a map if you like—and more.

Their story

1. They met

A cool winter’s morning in December many moons ago they found themselves walking into the same conference and getting themselves seats close by. Of course they did not know it then but that would lead them to conversation after conversation after conversation. They ended up in a  Ross and Rachel type of story that soon led to the happiest event (their wedding)  they could have hoped for.

2. They fell in love

She loved his mixtapes and he enjoyed her enthusiasm for K Dramas; he taught her how to use chopsticks and she promised to make cooker cakes for him.  (She later made them and he loved it).  In March when several planets got together to dance in a conga line ( no, seriously )  our protagonists thought it was time that they too got together. Soon their families met and they all decided to take things further.

3. They got engaged

Seven months ago they got engaged. (A big thanks to all of you who joined us that day.) It happened on a Sunday much like a lot of other eventful things this year. Around then they also chose the 30 th of December to get married because…why not? So here they are and here you are with them. Thank you so much for dropping by. Their story is just beginning and they’re glad to have you with them.

Get to know them


She always pulls doors marked and he always holds doors open for her.


She’s an expert at cooking saucy macaroni. He enjoys a sandwich any time of day. They’re both if that wasn’t already clear.


He’s a tea connoisseur. She was a coffee person but now they’re both into tea so that sorts things out.


She loved Harry Potter and he showed her Middle Earth. He used to Harry Potter but seems to have grown softer towards it lately.


He’s a measured old soul who loves typewriters and pocket watches. She’s an energetic, untiring gal who lives in the future. do attract.


She’s a Virgo and he’s a Cancerian. says these two are lyrically linked; the perfect pair. Yes, they’ve read Love signs . Together.


She’s more of a John Green person. He’s more of a Shakespeare bloke. But they both love and reading in general.


His field is physics. Her field is psychology. She once read his mind and he once told her all about his love of π. They’ve decided they’ll look into sometime soon.


The way their music tastes overlap is a dream. They help each other constantly discover something new while finding a lot that they both enjoy. is often on their playlists. She introduced him to Ed Sheeran’s The A Team and he took her to her first ever piano concert.


They both enjoy as a hobby. She enjoys spoken word poetry; he hasn’t quite figured out what spoken word poetry really is yet. He’s more of a prose person.

‘Good presentation.’

Her first words to him

‘It was all rather obvious, wasn’t it?’

His first words to her

Meet the parents *

Say hello to their They’re both grateful to everyone here—and a lot of people not here—for being by their side as they got to where they are today and as they continue towards an even brighter future.

* Yes, it’s one of those silly films he likes.

What they were into when they got married

He was reading

She was reading

He was watching

She was watching

He was listening to

She was listening to

They’d been...

Hitting the gym
Grocery shopping
(it’s such fun)
Playing with Gladstone
(their four-legged pal)

Say hello to Gladstone

They were deeply saddened by his passing on 1 December 2018, shortly before their wedding, but they knew he’d live in their hearts forever—he still does and always will.


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