In the ’90s there were blogrolls; it’s time we brought them back

As Eli Motyca writing for The Debrief puts it, “For some in their 30s and 40s [the IndieWeb is] a recreation of an Internet experience they encountered as teenagers traversing bulletin boards and peeking into small, tightly knit online communities.” A big part of this experience were blogrolls where you would, for no reason other than the fun of it, curate a list of links to other websites that you found interesting.

I’m in the younger subset of this group but definitely a part of it. (Runescape is more than just a word to me and I remember Club Penguin.) Anyway, this is my blogroll in alphabetical order. Links are usually to specific pages I found interesting but most of these websites are splendid through and through. The list is short now but it’ll grow.

Now these are just the sites I frequent. But if you want to discover several more such independent websites, head to, which, going by the “Ayup”, might even be right here in my backyard in Yorkshire. Just a wild guess.

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