How I like to keep in touch

Hello there. I’m Venkatram Harish Belvadi. I have a passion for writing and a curiosity for exploring the interconnections between science, technology and society. I work academically on the history of science with a keen interest in the mathematisation of the world.

The idea for this “hello” page comes from Alastair Johnston who calls them “a kind of ‘rules of engagement’” that clarify how I prefer that my readers reach out and/or keep in touch with me and why.

I am not averse to social media but I do have a few preferences:

  • I prefer e-mail over everything else, so if you want to talk my inbox is always open
  • I used to enjoy Twitter the most but I’m no longer active on it, preferring Mastodon instead, so if you want to connect generally without a specific conversation in mind for an e-mail, come say hello on Mastodon
  • I post but am not active on Instagram, although I am open to DMs and collaborations there on topics and projects of photographic interest alone
  • If you wish to connect professionally, I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t do much there either because I do not particularly like it
  • I do not use Facebook and, although it is not purely a social network, I detest Quora with every fibre of my being

Here are some ways you can interact with my work:

  • I write a fortnightly newsletter that several people seem to love (maybe because they know they can unsubscribe anytime). It’s about the interconnections between science, technology, history and society—which is my area of academic interest. It’s free so you can subscribe or browse the archives anytime you like.
  • I write essays on this website fairly regularly
  • I make photographs and maintain my portfolio on this website
  • I love to read and I review a few of the books I read every year, while a few others get a couple of notes about them in my marginalia

And that is it for me. I’m always looking for new people to connect with, learn from and collaborate with, so get in touch without hesitation.

Best wishes,
V.H. Belvadi

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