What is Confluence?

And five reasons why you should subscribe

Confluence is a free newsletter delivered every fortnight discussing a single topic connecing science, technology and society, drawing on historical and philosophical ideas in a practical manner, intended to make you think critically about your world.

  1. I write each issue thoughtfully, independently and after considerable research. No AI or any gimmicks are involved nor will they be in the future (although we will talk about AI from time to time).
  2. The interconnections between science, technology, history and society is in fact my academic interest. So you can expect sound, measured, academic and scientific opinions and invitations to discuss issues, not propaganda or hyperbole.
  3. Critical thinking is incredibly important today, with social media overflowing with misinformation and overstimulation everywhere on the web. Every issue is written with the express intention of helping you think critically about our world.
  4. Issues are only sent out when I have something to say, which means some weeks you might not receive issues at all. More importantly, this means you can be sure you will never receive issues just for the sake of it. I value your time spent reading this newsletter just as I value my own time spent writing it.
  5. In a fast-paced, scientifically-minded world, it can be easy to lose track of the bigger picture of what it all means for us as individuals and for our society. This is not a science newsletter. Instead it puts science into a proper social, philosophical, personal, historical and practical perspective.

Read a few testimonials from existing subscribers below. (If you’re an existing subscriber, let me know your thoughts too.) Or you can browse past issues in the archives.

Here’s what subscribers have to say

    Interesting stuff ... always makes me think about the world differently, thoughtfully.

    Bjorn M.

    The perfect combination of casual banter and rigorous discussion!

    Céline L.

    Always introduces me to something new that I quickly realise was really important for me to have known.

    N. Tsujihara

    Thought I’d give it a try and it’s been over 8 years now. Says enough.

    Abhiraj G.

    It’s not preachy and I like that about Confluence.

    Zuri S.

    I thought I knew science ... until I read your newsletter. It really made me start looking at things differently.

    Dhananjay P.

    Prioritising quality over regularity is refreshing ... There’s something great to read every time I get your newsletter.

    Tom B.

    Perfect companion for a cup of coffee. Makes me think, and does it unpretentiously.

    Jessica L.