Balance is key

How have you been?

You’re probably surrounded by talk of COVID-19 so let’s keep that to a minimum. There are two things you need to know about this pandemic: one, it’ll sort of pass; and, two, from panic buying to premature returns to normalcy, it has all happened before so we’re not in completely uncharted waters.

Remember, the world was sliding downhill long before a new coronavirus decided to join the ride. An excellent piece on American politics—which also applies to the rest of the world—suggests this is because ‘the common folk have declared independence from the experts and ... from reality itself’. It asks pertinent questions about democracy and is well worth a read.


Kevin Kelly: How technology evolves

An excellent talk discussing what the evolution of technology shares with the evolution of organic life: it seeks ubiquity, diversity, specialisation, complexity and socialisation.

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Man’s search for meaning

Half the world has probably read this book; but it is good enough that I recommend it to the other half.

Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl talks about living a great life while taking things in stride, and then tops it off with a first-hand introduction to logotherapy. Pictured here is the cover of the first-ever edition (which was in German).

If you’re interested, you can also read my review of this book →


Managing your screen time

NPR’s Life Kit and Catherine Price take a realistic view of our use of technology today while discussing how to manage our screen time. The takeaway: focus on the quality, not just the quantity.

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