V.H. Belvadi is a teacher, essayist and photographer. He also enjoys programming, composing music and directing short films.

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Recently published:

Superhero fatigue or poor screenwriting?

As Marvel and Disney capitalise on the popularity of superhero films, the genre is slowly losing its greatest superpower.

On legality and morality

How are these key tenets of civilisation related to each other?

Choosing a body typeface

Here is everything that goes into choosing the right a good typeface for body copy.

The White Lotus: Season 2

Bolder, different, yet familiar, the second season takes on the infamous challenges of a sequel and comes out on top. Spoilers follow.

The White Lotus

At last, a show that deserves to be crowned the definitive farcical comedy of our era.

Where did our dreams go?

Age is a representation of how much our dreams have given way to reality. It is time we changed things.

The Twitter Files

Claims with no objective evidence that are dressed up convincingly are dangerous in a society that does not question things critically.

Talking to strangers

Malcolm Gladwell

Mastodon: the future of the internet

The open-source, decentralised social network reflects the core principles upon which the internet itself was founded.

Traffic in Mumbai

There is method in this madness.

Why some of us like true crime

Rather than being about schadenfreude, our interest in true crime arises from a myriad of promises it makes.

Conscious eco-capitalism

Finding the the intersection between conscious capitalism, green capital and practicality.

Status Anxiety

Alain de Botton


Tara Westover

The psychology of money

Morgan Housel