I will read it

There are a handful of things I have started to do since the New Year in my efforts to help strengthen and make robust the IndieWeb. You can start by reading my WIP IndieWeb manifesto to get an idea. One of these is to put more effort into reading what others on the IndieWeb have been writing on their websites. Being part of an IndieWeb-centric Mastodon server certainly helps me discover new writers—and I record those I like on my blogroll—but I recently came across a great idea from Manuel Moreale that takes my intention and aligns it even better with my manifesto. Rather than only reading what I find online, I invite anyone to send me what they’ve written and I’ll read it.

So go ahead and send me whatever you’ve written—in English or French—and you have in me a dedicated reader. Maybe we can even make wonderful conversation over it. If you’re looking for others, Manu keeps a list of those who have similarly pledged to read in the interest of encouraging others to write more.

Send me your link via e-mail.

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